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Filmball Munich 2015
By Evelyn A. Lynch
CEO / Owner of
Evelyn Lynch
Dear Readers,

every year the „Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft e.V. (SPIO)“ invites to the „German Filmball“ in Munich in Hotel „Bayerischer Hof“. More than 1000 VIPs celebrate in a good mood until early morning.

This year I was invited to join and I have to say: walking over the long red carpet is something I can easily get used to – this really is something special!

For getting prepared there was very less time after a long workweek not being at home. I ordered three long wonderful dresses and tried them after my return on Friday – God thanks, they all fit, and I was not able to decide which one will be THE one. However after sleeping over it for one night, the decision was made and at 6:30 pm the limo picked me up.
The selection of my handbag was not that tough. I took Versaces " Sera Pitone Vero", fitting perfectly to my golden shoes and the dark-blue dress.

Even though I did not know most of the VIPs personally: Everybody was surprisingly open, nice and ready for a chat. The excellent mood was everywhere!
So I talked to Horst Seehofer, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Alexander Fuerst zu Schaumburg-Lippe und Gattin Nadja. Very nice and fascinating people.

But also I mingled with all the colourful outstanding birds. This always is most fun!

Heiner Lauterbach und Martin Krug – both of them a ladies dream!

The most eye-catching and tasteful dressed males was fashiondesigner André Borchers. Black, slinky leather trouser, bright red short Jacket . With his mustache, a silver cross around his neck and wild dressed hair he looked like Borat :-)

The live-band was outstanding (or the champagne) – I needed hours to recognize that Helene Fischer was NOT live...

Evelyn Lynch

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