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19,90 EUR

Simply send a copy of your Photo-Identification (Front and Back) either

  1. scanned to: (Spam Protection, pls replace at through @) or
  2. via Fax to +49 (0) 6196 999 4-585 , or
  3. via Post-Mail to: Brinxs GmbH, Mergenthalerallee 73 - 75, 65760 Eschborn, Germany

We are going to bill you via E-Mail with the payment advices for you to transfer the Lounge-Membership share amounting to 19,90 EUR.

As soon as Payment and Copy of your Photo-ID is received, your account is activated immediately as a Lounge-Member with all the advantages like Discount, PayPal and Bank Transfer Payments. Your Orders via Bank Transfer or PayPal are send out as soon as we received the Borrowing Fee.

You can due notice your Lounge-Membership by the end of the 3-Month-Period, two weeks in advance, via Mail or Fax.

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Are you heavily scheduled on Highlights like Weddings, Business-Events, Gala-Dinners, Baptisms, Opera or Theater Performances?

Appointments you do not want to cancel spontaneous and be present glamorous with a brand new Bag, emphasizing your appearance? In case of this our Lounge-Membership is exactly what you need.

You tell us whenever you need the Bag and we do the rest.

Do you want to borrow a Bag without a CreditCard?

Also for this our Lounge-Membership is perfect - without an annoying Subscription we guarantee the most precious Models right to your door.

And on top we give you a cash-discount of 3% on every sale!

We look forward to you!