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Privacy Notice Privacy Notice

Data protection regulations of the, and is the InterNet offer of the with registered office in Frankfurt/Main (in the following In principle it applies for that the protection of the privatsphaere of the users is of highest importance. Therefore keeping of the legal regulations of data security is natural to us. Beyond that it is important to us that you know at any time, when we stored which data and how we use them. For questions, suggestions or comments about data security we are available under the following E-Mail address: (Please replace at through @ due to Spam annoyance).

1. which are personal information?

First of all we would like to explain to you, what understands by personal data. "Personal information of identity" is to be information, which can be used explicitly, in order to your identity. Among them information like your civil name, address, postal address, telephone number. Information, which is not connected directly with your real identity, e.g. favored web pages or number of users of a Site, are not included.

2. Where are the personal information collected? asks you for your name, first name and for other personal information, so you can be registered for one of our personalised services (orders, subscription, news type character). These data are stored with on a particularly protected server in Germany, whereby all information is only collected to your identity by us, with your explicit consent.

3. Do we pass your personal information on to third parties?

We use your personal information in the case of product orders only within and do not continue to give them to third parties, before we did not catch up your explicit agreement in addition. We appreciate the confidence that you bring us, and use large care, in order to protect your personal data. In individual cases we can see the IP address, after the user agreed with the registration on this procedure and the remaining use conditions.

4. Collection of alias data raises demographic data (age, sex, etc..) over the use of different services. These are stored however separately from personal information under an alias and permit no conclusions on an individual person. With the collecting of these data pursues two objectives. On the one hand we would like to place custom-made on-line offers with contents relevant for you and services to the users of our Websites to the order. On the other hand we would like to make our advertisement customers possible to reach the correct target group as goal-exactly as possible. By communicating us some information about yourself, we can offer in response more individual contents to you both in editorial and marketing regard, and increase thus the personal utilizable value within our on-line offers for you. By the separation from demographic and personal information your privatsphaere remains protected at any time. publishes among other things anonymizated, generalized user statistics, to potencial partners, advertisement customers and other interlocutors to describe our services as well as for other legally permissible purposes.

5. At any time you have the right of revocation

At any time you have the possibility of deleting your personal data you have left on our Site simply again. Likewise you can contradict at any time the preparation of aliases user profiles with your data. Should wish you this, please deactivate the Cookies on your Browser.

6. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are used at present by thousands of Websites, in order to be able to present to users an as individually as possible arranged offer. If a user accesses such a Website, the server of the offerer apart from the HTML side returns the delivery to the Browser users if necessary the Cookie also. The Browser decides depending upon the local attitudes whether the Cookie on the user computer is stored. Cookies cannot penetrate as pure text files into the system of the user, or cause damage there. In particular Cookies of your Browser become so blocked that only the side may use them, which set them. The text files are set by the server of a selected Website and sent with the next attendance on this Site by your Browser to our server to show e.g. in order with this attendance other advertisement or in order to your information about your last attendance on this side at the disposal. sets Cookies in particular for the distribution of advertisement and for the counting of side calls, without receiving however information about your identity or other data of the user. This is above all important in order to be able to arrange for indicator customers a conception of how many different users get its advertisement within which time. Such Cookies has besides usually only one life span of 24 hours. Likewise Cookies - partial with longer life span - sets if you (e.g. within the Shop range) registers itself: Their personal data are stored with on a particularly protected server in Germany, which sets a random number as Cookie on your computer, with which it your computer with the next attendance again recognize. Likewise a Cookie can set with long life span, which is examined the technical attitudes of your Browser and selected as the first information with the new attendance for Cookies contain also personal data on only exeptionally: If you within the registration-requiring (Shop -) range the storage of your password select yourselves, in order a Cookie with your username knows and coded the log in procedure to facilitate (e.g. ' car Login' function) password to deposit. Their Browser ensures then for the fact that another web page than cannot pick these data out.

7. If you do not want to use the advantages of the Cookies

You can activate and deactivate - if you do not want to use the advantages of the Cookies - with the help of a simple procedure in your Browser. Some functionalities of the Website we cannot offer to you then however. Read in addition please the auxiliary function of your Browsers attentively.

8. No adhesion for partner sides

We refer to it that partners and other InterNet Sites and services, which are accessible by Sites as well as partners, which collect data in connection with price writing out, graduation and something similar have own data security guidelines, which are independent of does not take responsibility or adhesion for these guidelines and procedures not standing with in the connection.

9 Our right to change the guidelines with announcement reserves itself the right to change these guidelines at any time considering the data security-legal defaults. If you should have further questions, please send an E-Mail to (at through @ to replace).

Thank you for your confidence

Brinxs GmbH

Mergenthalerallee 10-12

65760 Eschborn


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